Steering Wheel Testing in Agriculture

Steering Wheel Testing in Agriculture

The development and testing of a vehicle’s steering system can be improved and verified through measurement of steering torque and steering angle. Tests can be done in both the laboratory setting and during normal use.


The SW-SR2 has the option of mounting to the existing vehicle steering wheel or to replace the existing steering wheel by mounting directly to the splined steering shaft. The SW-SR2 is a strain gauge based sensor made from high strength stainless steel and is fully temperature compensated. The steering angle signal is generated from a high resolution inductive encoder. The SW-SR2 has a ±1440 degree multi-turn encoder and both Analog and CAN signal outs.

The SW-SR2 utilizes a high quality Michigan Scientific slip ring assembly for signal transmission. The torque transducer and steer angle sensor are powered and controlled by a Michigan Scientific Digi-Steer Control Unit.

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Steering Wheel Torque and Angle Transducer
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