End of Shaft Slip Rings

End of Shaft Slip Rings

Slip Ring Assemblies

Slip Rings are a reliable way of transferring signals between stationary and rotating parts. They accommodate multiple channels for the transfer of data, signals, and power simultaneously. Low electrical noise provides reliable signal transfer with minimal external interference. Slip rings are compact and can be customized to fit specific requirements. Michigan Scientific Slip Rings also provide unlimited bandwidth for signals. This makes them an ideal instrument for the installation of sensors on rotating components. Michigan Scientific offers an array of slip rings, including varieties of End of Shaft, Tubular, and custom solutions. are trusted by the , aerospace, robotic, , , medical industry, and many others.

End of Shaft Slip Ring

Michigan Scientific creates specifically to mount on the end of a rotating shaft. are used for applications that require the slip ring to be mounted directly on a rotating shaft. Common End of Shaft Slip Ring Assembly applications include use on parts such as wheels, gearboxes, engines, and compressors. Customers often use them to transmit , strain, , stress, vibration, and acceleration measurements. Customers can also use the slip rings for high-speed digital ethernet signals. Michigan Scientific Slip Ring Assemblies can utilize many optional and features to meet the demands of a variety of applications.

The video below demonstrates a potential use case and installation for an End of Shaft Slip Ring. To demonstrate, we gauge a shaft, which spins a flywheel at high speeds, for strain and then transfer the measurements from the shaft to the DAQ via the slip ring.

Product selection

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Slip Ring - End of Shaft - 4, 6, 8, 10 Circuit - 12000 rpm
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Slip Ring – End of Shaft – Compact – 4 to 10 Circuits - 12000 rpm
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SR/E60 Series

End of shaft Slip ring - 4 to 10 circuits - Encoder - 6000 rpm
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SR/ERT Series

Modular slip ring - end of shaft - 10 to 36 circuits - with encoder
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