Tie Rod End Transducer for Measuring Axial Forces

Tie Rod End Transducer for Measuring Axial Forces

Dynamic Vehicle Modeling

Dynamic Vehicle Modeling is a very powerful tool when developing a new vehicle. Finite element analysis and Computer Aided Engineering are computer simulations that can help design for chassis and suspension durability and can also provide insight on vehicle handling characteristics. Data collected during real world testing can help build and verify computer simulations.

Measuring forces in tie rods within the steering system provides information that would otherwise have to be estimated. Tie rod end transducers allow users to record those measurements so that they may be used in computer simulations.This extra data can help build more accurate models and lead to better vehicle designs.

Tie Rod End Transducer

Our custom tie rod end transducers can measure the axial forces acting on the tie rod during steering. Tie rod end transducers can replace the inner and outer tie rod end, based on customer needs; no required vehicle modification. The custom transducer does not take up any additional space underneath the vehicle.

Custom tie rod end transducers can be made from nearly any tie rod; including a customer’s production tie rod. We have extensive experience in strain gauge positioning on tie rods. This placement ensures a high degree of accuracy. We have vast experience designing these transducers, so they are available per request in a relatively short time span. As with all MSC transducers, they are temperature compensated and use appropriate weatherproof coatings to ensure reliability in all testing and weather conditions.

Vehicle Applications for Tie Rod End Transducers

The tie rod end transducer replaces a production tie rod end without changing the position of other vehicle components. They require no modification other than a safe routing pathway for the lead wires from transducer to data acquisition system. The transducer measures the axial (tension/compression) forces acting on the tie rod during steering.

By using the tie rod end transducer in conjunction with other transducers, more steering system forces may be revealed. A tie rod end transducer and a Steering Wheel Torque and Angle Transducer may be used together in order to find inefficiencies in a steering gear box. A tie rod end transducer and a Wheel Force Transducer in combination can reveal unanticipated forces and moments experienced by the tie rods by correlating back to what the wheel may be experiencing during rough terrain such as potholes or large bumps.

If you are interested in speaking to an engineer about a tie rod end transducer application or another custom transducer application, please contact us.

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